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List Of Updates

Just wondering if anyone has compiled a list of the ARC updates for 2016 that they would be willing to share? Thought I'd ask first before doing it myself.


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Wowzers! Holy guacamole Robatman! *eek* That is listastic! Thanks so much. That will help a lot when trying to remember a new (or updated old) feature and how it works. Which is what got me started on wanting such a compilation. The link is all the better as it provides a an additional searchable basis for more info and related threads.

No doubt it will be invaluable to others as well - even if they don't know it yet. Thanks again.
Ha - thanks man - it's a big list! Takes a few minutes to load, but it takes a lot longer to read!
Sweet. I've often wanted to view a list like this. The link on the software page marked Release Notes doesn't format them like this. Is there any way to get that link to show this list instead? :)
Yes, click on the link on the software page that reads "release notes".
Nice! Thanks.

Don't tell me that was this way all the time? If so I'm a little embarrassed. *blush* I don't remember it being that easy to view.
Ha - it was added the day of this request
Thanks DJ! As usual, your rock. You're probably tired of hearing that by now. *cool*
Never:) keeps me going! Remember, it works both ways - we have a pretty fair and understanding community here.
@DJ, hats off for you, especially on the software side of things. The main man listens and provides for his customers and community. Excellent work and the kids and I thank you very much!
Thanks for the kind words:) That's really great feedback!
Ok single greatest resource ! Thanks and man you have been busy!