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I am always trying to make my robot more lifelike and I got an idea that I could make him look anywhere that he sees motion but I don't know how to do it do you guys and gals.

-what do you think made robots lifelike and what you could do with your robot.

leave them below.:D:D:D


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Well you have definitely come to the right place.... your dream is now a reality... Build yourself and inMoov and slap a couple of EZB4's on it and behold....:)

Edit I realize you are a young kid, so building an inMoov is a little out of reach for you right now... But keep the dream going.... By the time you grow up you'll be able to create something 10 times more impressive than what you see out there today...


Andrew, what do you mean by life like? What are you looking to do? We'll all help:D


I would love to let my robot detect movement and move its head towards where the movement is Coming from.


That's easy... you can do it with a PIR detector or a ping sensor or an IR detector and ARC has movement detection built into the camera control....