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Let's Talk About Navigation

Have any of you gotten your robots to Navigate flawlessly without running into the tables,chairs,etc. ?

If so, what tips do you have to offer?

There MUST be a good Navigation Algorithm out there.

On small robots, this seems to be easier. But, on large ones it can be disastrous.

I would like for us all to talk about our experiences with this problem or success.

Don't be afraid to JUMP IN!

I know that it is all about programming.


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If you are using an Ultrasonic sensor, add the Ultrasonic Radar Control.

If you are using a Sharp IR Sensor, add the Sharp IR Radar Control.

Configure the sensors to be mounted on a servo so they sway back and forth.

Hello, my friend. I did all of that. I am not blaming you. I know that it is a software problem. I went to twisted heavy duty wires so it would be more reliable and it is. But, I am also not testing in a fair place. My apartment is so small you have to back up to turn around.
Navigation is hit or miss with the environment and robot size, so it sometimes can be tough:) Have you seen the "Reverse Before Turning" option in the Radar Control Config?