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Lego To Ez-Bits Adapters

hi all, i just created a lego to male ez-bit adapter and lego to female ez-bit adapter. they are currently awaiting the check for being approved, and if you want to have them earlier, here are the .stl files of them.

lego to ez-bit adapters download

have fun building! :D


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Have you uploaded it to the ezbits library? You should :)


i did, though,it needs to be approved by ez-robot. ;)

so all we need to do is wait until they're approved.


Wow very cool! We are a bit behind on the approving side because our 3D printers are all being used over the past 2 weeks... 24 hour a day prints! We'll have time this week. I'm super excited to try one of these adapters :D

In the meantime, throw it on


I'm please at how far makerbot has come. We had so many issues with our first 3 printers last year - and their support staff were not cooperative. As of June, the latest warranty replacement worked flawlessly for months! Since then, the only issues we have experienced are heater and thermo coupler replacements. The wires on both components get brittle from the heat and crack. Fortunately Makerbot has replaced the last few components.

There have been quality control issues with the 2 most recent Makerbot's that we purchased. In one, the large corkscrew at the back wasn't clipped into the top holder - so we had to take it all apart to fix it. In another, the left support rod was not in it's holder.

The most recent printer we purchased lasted only 2 days before the filament stepper motor broke. We are waiting for a replacement that we had to purchase. I'm sure Makerbot would have given us a replacement, but it will take weeks and we don't have the time to wait.

Other than that, the software works great... The printers work 80% of the time - just make sure you constantly relevel the build plate! :D