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Leds With Ez-B

hi, i will be connecting 2 led stripes to my ez-b through Tip120/tip122 Darlington Switching Circuit but my leds use DC12V and they work with 400ma would this setup work thanks

note: i will be powering my ez-b with a 3s li-po


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If you use the TIP circuit as my tutorial or any of the schematics that are floating around you will only be providing 5v to the LED strip.

Add in the diode across the load, connect a relay to the load and have it operate a 12v circuit with the LED strip on.

I'm not 100% sure but I assume you could also adjust the circuit a little and rather than use the EZB VCC and Ground for the load, only bring over the Signal to the transistor base and use an external 12v supply and ground for the load. The ground would need to be common so connecting the grounds together on both batteries would be needed. But like I said, I'm not 100% sure that would work so await confirmation by someone else.


@Rich - you are correct! That is how I have my 12V powered items connected to the TIP circuit. It works great.


thanks rich i will add the diode on the tutorial you made

one more thing do i need 1 circuit or 2 to power 2 12v led strips

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Only if you want them individually switched. One circuit will be fine if both come on together.

Personally I would do it without the diode and use the +12v supply as the VCC on the TIP board I posted up. That will let the EZB switch the ground and the 12v supply the LEDs. No relays, no diodes and no complications.

If you are confused I can try to knock up a quick diagram of what I am trying to explain?

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User-inserted image

TIP circuit as normal but 12V supply feeding the VCC to the LED strip and ground to the board. Signal and ground from the EZB.


so when i connect my strips like in the diagram and connect signal and ground to ez-b's lets say d1 port when i enter set(d1,on) it should turn my lights on right?

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Yep. And Set(d1,off) will turn them off.