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Led Wiring Made Real Easy

Hi People,
I came across these couple of sites that make working out your LED circuits so simple, It even gives you a wiring diagram.

Thought it might help someone.

Link Here: LED series/parallel array wizard

Also this one to help with resistors:

Link Here: Resistor color codes

Hope it help someone, I know it has help me already.



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I love this place. I am learning so much here, and you are all so much nicer than the society of robots forum.
This Forum is awesome! Great Web Site!
fyi guys using a rester is fine when you are doing just one led here and there however if you are trying ro light up your bot, create a underglow or whatever that will require two to four leds its better to just series them to correct voltage. resisters place a additional load which is dispersed as heat to simulate another led being there to make the correct voltage. like i said one led by itslef is fine fo led but i avoid them so im not wasting power and creating additional heat. blue, green, yellow, purple, uv, pink, white leds operate from 3.0v to 3.7v red and ir are 2v to 2.5v