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It would be awesome to make a ezb version of this . awesome peice of furniture. I'm going to find more info on how one could be made w ezb.


It would be cool to have several of these side by side....hey how about create an equalizer for your stereo. The response to the music would probably be to quick though.


@rgordon it is possible, using one of the ADC inputs for input monitoring, then save it to a variable for a pwm (digital port) out. i also wonder if it'll be usefull for a water tower, but you can change the led colors or the bubbles on the music level, which would be quite an awesome project.;)


Very cool Josh. Thanks for sharing. I love nerd vids.


The led is a 10 watt rgb and has three positive inputs and common ground. It can make pretty much any color but bright white. You can get the colors close to balanced and it gives warm white (yellow based)


I design one like that for work,only with out sound or leds,so it looks super easy for me to make.