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Led Battery Charging Test

Hi everybody,

Could someone help me with this bac to basics trick which should allow me to connect an LED to the leads which connect to the battery charger when my robot docks so, when charging current is running through, the LED lights up?

I wish to do this without using any controller so no ADC port, no HIGH/LOW digital port, just an LED and whatever resistor / diode I may use in order to see that the current is flowing.

ChargerLead+++++++LED++++ ++RobotBattery+

ChargerLead------------------------- ---RobotBattery--

So when the robot docks, the LED would light up.

Thank you,


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Sorry I should have picked the "discussion" option, not the technical support's...
You can use another lipo charger.
These charge over the thick cable.
There the balancer cable is used for measuring.
Then you have to remove the rechargeable battery.

The loading of Lipo is very sensitive.
You must not use any consumers.
This can end dangerous.

Please do not experiment with the battery.

Just remember the charging time.
The charging time is always almost the same.
I believe the charger forces current so simply putting a LED in line wouldn't work, unless the battery has a decent resistance. I am not 100% sure how to go about this, but I wouldn't run just an LED inline.

What you could do is put an led across the positive and negative on the robot side, if its the right voltage, and with a resistor which I haven't calculated the value for. Then whenever the robot is plugged in, the led on the robot would light up. Doesn't use the Ez-b at all.

Only issue is if the battery stops charging, the led will get all the current if the charger doesn't stop.
Most of my battery packs are the safer nickel rechargeable but I did have 1 Small 8.4 Lipo battery pack and no recharged so I tried a different charger for regular batteries, tried charging the Lipo battery when inside robot.....robot now has a large bullet hole in the shoulder where the Lipo exploded and launched 1 of the cells like a missile,on fire and set both the robot and the floor across the room on fire,took about 5 minutes to put out the battery fire out and it stinks like lithium poisonous smoke,had to open all the windows. All I can say is thank god it shot away from me, if it shot at my face or my chest it was as powerful as a shot gun...Extremely dangerous if you don't use correct charger on any Lipo battery!They won't let these batteries on airplanes either for that reason.
I use the correct charger, this is not my question at all here...:) I know that lithium batteries can do, believe me, and even with proper charger sometimes when the pcb fails to cut off the charging process.

Now if you keep a load on a lithium batterie with a charging tension at nominal value + PCB, you're not taking much of a risk. In my case I even add to these precautionary conditions the usage of a smart charger, + an automatic extinguisher + sprinklers in the apppartment + rental insurance... are u all reassured? Lol

Now I would really like to know how you make variate an LED's status with the intensity (amps) of a current :)
Those Lipo still scare me even though all my cell phones and tablets all have them now but why don't they let people know they are like a bomb in their pocket? LOL!