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Leap Motion


Is there any support for Leap Motion controller? (I've seen that there was a discussion about it couple of years ago, but maybe something has changed since then)

Thanks, Orit


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Don't think i've come across one - but you can create a plugin in ARC:) I'm sure there's other users who are interested in the potential of it. I'm guessing you can get them cheap now? Not sure if they're still in business but used ones should be easy to find.


Thanks! I'm thinking about creating a plugin for this. Is there an open source of motion control example that i can learn from, for understanding how to implement continuous movements in JD by external data? (I'm a programmer but new in robotics)


The wiimote control or myo control are probably two of the closest functional examples I can of for a usecase. I’d imagine the plugin would move servos x/y/z based on the position of your hand?

You’d probably want the user to be able to customize and choose what servos to map to what direction.

Does that sound like something you’re thinking of?