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Latte Panda Built In Io

Hey guys, looking for Latte Panda owners out here. I know there are some input outputs on the board and I was wondering if anyone knew of a simple way to utilize them in ez builder.


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They chose a underpowered chipset and therefore ARC would be useless even if there was a firmware. The best suggestion is to connect an ezb via UART to the panda.
Not a Latte Panda owner- but I WOULD like a Panda Latte!

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I did look up lattepanda- they are both really cute *blush*
Gotcha, that was the main plan I just wondered, Panda is great for the momey
Are you buying one new or used?
I bought one a while back to run Antonn. My plan was to use it as a stand alone to run him. I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse and a converter for the video so I can use a monitor. This way I can modify the
ARC program at any time. I run ARC on my desktop for development of the program but use the wireless for minor changes. At the present time I still use the WiFi connection. When I install the Omron camera I will maybe hard wire the EZB to the Panda.
The panda will be installed on the main board mounted on his back so he will be totally stand alone. I haven't played with the Arduino io, but will use it for sensors. Due to work and the summer time I won't be able to work on it until the fall. I also will be adding a Tiny in the future to run the be robot camera. Sofar the Panda has worked out well. Dave Cochran was also planning to use one but I haven't heard from him for quite a while.
I forgot to mention, they have a display which connects to the panda. I may try one to see if it displays ARC large enough to work with.
@ DJ I already have one , but will get another for the big Watchdog not outside so it doesn’t rely on the WiFi range. know anyone who has one used?
I don't know of any used ones but new ones are coming out. I am also getting the new release model for my next robot Olivia. I plan on her being able to navigate the house, facial recognition, speech and added AI features. The Latte Panda should have the power and features needed to do the job.