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Last Ez Builder

does the last opdate ezbuilder works whit the new camera only?


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United Kingdom
No it still works with most Windows compatible cameras
chould my not be chowing in there?
User-inserted image
United Kingdom
Did you click on it?

User-inserted image
ah now i see it.thank you
If anyone is asking questions or needs help they should click the "Needs Assistance" box and not "General Discussions". How else is Rich going to get credits for all his work and get to 1000 assistant credits?;)
ah isee.i will surten pay more attention.

thank you dave
United Kingdom
lol Dave, that is true however I do hope I never get to 1000, if I do it means there are too many people with questions and the awesome documentation written and supplied by EZ-Robots is going unseen.
Rich...as soon as Revolution is officially released a few months from now, thousands of newbies will be all over the website looking for help.... 1000 could come quicker than you think....:P
i count for tree,now i know how to post corectly. *blush*
how soon will the SDK catch up with the new ARC?