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United Kingdom
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Large Robot Collection Sale

My good friend (and fellow EZ:1 and EZ:2 robot builder) is selling part of his large collection of robots. Here are some that will be available, he has 3 Omnibot 2000, but I have my eye on one of those. All these will be going on ebay, but if there is anyone here interested in any of the robots, let me know and I will pass your details on to Steve. I guess this sale will be best for UK based builders as shipping to other countries will be expensive.

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United Kingdom
I might be interested in an omni 2000 depending on price, feel free to pass on my email address if he wants to send over prices etc.
I am really interrested by the Omnibot "classic" and the third Omnibot 2000. I am not living in UK but in France (just a small sea to cross :D) so maybe it is feasible?
Please feel free to passs my email (fredebec@gmail.com).
Thanks a lot.