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hey, i am planning to buy a new laptop becuase i dont like mac that much, any suggestion confused


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I just picked up an Acer laptop / Touchscreen and Windows 8 with a keyboard that lights up when you type. Kinda handy in low light conditions.


@robot-doc my mistake LOL is it this one


If you want something with power, Asus has a strong and powerful gaming laptops.

If you want an average laptop, acer, hp, and asus all make good laptops.

I use an hp Compaq presario cq56. its good if you keep the air/fan ducts clean(not hard).


thank's @technopro based on that i think i'll get an Asus


I second the vote for Asus. In my experience best performance to price ratio.


Third vote for Asus. I own a N53SV as a gaming laptop, the specs are great and so is the performance :D

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A vote for Sony, if you can afford the extra.

If not then make it a vote for Asus or Acer, they are the best of the cheaper laptops/devices (however Acer's support sucks)


Asus or Toshiba. Look for the new FX CPU with integrated graphics AMD FX A6 A8 or A10 , I'm getting a A10 when I can for around 600 dollars. The A8 and A10 are awesome for laptop graphics and the price. Just a suggestion.


Not that Samsung is bad. It comes down to reputation. That's now what Samsung is known for and they produce very little laptops in comparison to companies like Asus , Toshiba and Acer. That and warranty and support. Certain companies actually charge you money to do troubleshooting and require troubleshooting before they consider RMA under warranty. Dell and HP are the worse offenders in this area. I have purchased brand new laptops and then they want to charge you for support starting at 40 dollars per 30 minutes and believe me those people place you on hold and take their time for every little step or question you ask. You can easily pay 80 dollars just for them to determine you need to return your laptop.

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Dell read from a script, try getting a Dell op off that script, it's rather funny (much like Microsoft on the xbox helpline).

Samsung are OK but I wouldn't buy one because you can get the same or better for the same money by a manufacturer who started in the field rather than expanded in to it.


when it comes to laptops i would get one that works and is cheap lol allways look for used computers first onless your spending some one elses $$$ lol

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I strongly disagree for many many reasons.

You get what you pay for in most cases. Sometimes you can overpay but a general rule is, if it's cheap it isn't going to last. It'll be of poor quality and will fail quickly. Used computers come with no warranty and often are missing important discs. Hardware is older, often abused and there is no guarantee of the safety of the hard drive. If you pick one up which needs drivers but have not been given the cds that come with it or a clean set of restore discs made you will run in to problems and some manufacturers will charge for replacement cds. Home burnt cds can be infected with parasites.

That's just 2 reasons, there are many more.


For my friends I always tell them to buy the best they can afford and best features for that money as well and it will last you the longest. Plus buying a GOOD extended warranty like squaretrade as well because if it breaks and they cannot repair it for less than 25 percent value they literally write you a check or paypal your purchase price minus what you paid for the warranty to buy a NEW one. A 350 dollar laptop is probably junk and read the fine print. Laptops under 400-450 don't have a year warranty they are 90 days. Then there are special promotional model laptops like door busters for thanksgiving black Friday sales ( the cheap stuff) that are 250-350 and have only 30 days warranty. That for me is insane to only expect your computer to function for 1 to 3 months.

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That's why I love UK laws, the sales of goods act basically means that anything sold must last for a "reasonable" period of time, even second hand stuff sold by a retailer. This sometime is longer than any warranty period they offer. The retails hate it mind you:)


Tell me what you can afford and what you require as far as features and I'm happy to help you shop online to get the best for what you can afford.... As long as you don't ask for me to shop under 300 that is lol


I think we will be more helpful if we had a budget to work with.


@rich must be nice , I bought a laptop from Best Buy ( a huge retailer in electronics and usually good prices for buying retail) I asked for the best laptop I could get for 550 ish plus taxes and my main focus was getting the best graphics for the money. Memory and HD space could take a hit on because they were upgradable to 4gb at the time. I get this thing home and set it up and it can barely play Netflix on full screen without chopping up. Turned on wow and had 9 fps.... Less than my Acer atom netbook at the time. Obviously within 3 hours I ended up taking it right back to the store. Then they actually fought me on taking a return like I waited too long. OK bad memories from a botched laptop sale.... Short story is it was a model made specifically for best buy and turned out to have the 90 day warranty ... It was junk. Even though I paid in cash they made me wait two weeks for a check refund. I emailed the president about it and what they didn't know is I recorded the entire sale and all the interactions for a school project. Came in handy when I linked the CEO staff to watch what their store had done. Needless to say I got about 200 off the laptop of my choice which was a awesome save on best buys executive staff.


i got a asus for about $600


11.6 inch touch display, intel i3 core processor, 500gb


RICH said the SONY laptops are good and they are ,but very high cost but worth it. ITS my favorite and i have quad 4 desktop looking to upgrade with windows 7 64 bits and more memory,i paid a lot for it I use is as my video server.


Diego what speed is it 2.0 mhz and memory,i like about 8MB or more on mine running 64 bit window 7


I like asus stuff. I use there motherboards all the time. I was looking at there big gaming laptop for my next one. But IF you can afford it I would look at Sager you can really customize them compared to most laptops. But damn pricy.

@Diego That sounds like a nice little unit. Portable and a good little processor.:)


FOR laptop gaming ALIENWARE makes the best ,but very very high cost $2000 and up.