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L298n &Amp; Ez-B Question For Dj

Hi DJ,

I followed your tutorial along pretty much one for one for the L298N.

In my attempt to keep things neat and tidy I had the H Bridge setup for D16-D19, and attempted to put the PWM control on D15.

Dead in the water. No nothing. Double checked everything then finally put away for the evening in frustration.

Gave it another whirl tonight. On a hunch I moved the PWM control to D8 and everything sprung to life.

So... Why wouldn't it work on D15? Does that pin cluster share a different ground or something?

Just putting this out there so no one else encounters this same issue.


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Probably because you had the PWM set for D8 and not D15?

Strange things happen when simple things are over looked. If that's not it - then it'll be something else that was over looked :)


Okey dokey.

Didn't think I was that dumb. eyeroll I know which ports I had set.

I tried it again, this time connecting D15-D18 to H bridge. Put D19 as PWM.

I had to close and re-add the H Bridge control. Power down and re-connect to get it to finally work.


Sounds like it works! :)

It's never about being dumb - it's about over looking something. Imagine building this beast of EZ-Robot! I over look so much in a day - takes me 2-3 times to get it right haha


No worries.

I'll post some pics and vid later tonight of it working if anyone is interested.

I bought 6 of these darn H Bridges.

And now I'm also hooked on using Wii controllers. :)


@ Lumpy

I have been having a problem using the L289N motor driver. I would be extremely interested in how you hooked it up. All progress on my robots has come to a stand still trying to figure out how to get the motor driver to work. I have been experimenting with this for well over a month now. I have watched the video tutorials over and over.I believe I have tried EVERY configuration possible; still without sucess! I have posted a request for assistance with this problem a number of times; again without sucess! I tried hooking it up EXACTLY the way DJ showed it in his video tutorial! What did you use your motor driver with? By any chance on an Omnibot or Robie Sr.? I would greatly appreciate any help or assistance you may have to offer. Thanks



I'll gladly try to help you out.

Can you post pics of your controller and wiring?

I'm running (2) Omnibots with the L298N right now.

Worst case scenario I can mail you one of my wiring harnesses.