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L289n Motor Driver

Hey DJ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are a very busy guy, but......... Would you PLEASEEEEEEEE answer a question for me?????? I'm still confused about hooking up the PWM to the enable pin outs on the L289N Motor Driver In your video tutorial on PWM, I see four wires going to ENA - +5V - +5V - ENB.

Is the correct hookup one digital pin, with "add control", PWM to ENA and one digital pin, with "add control", PWM to ENB? I'm ready to hook up Gizmo's motors and really need to be sure on the wiring. Thanks in advance DJ



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The "moment of truth" is pretty nerve racking when you are making Somthing so complicated as robots ;). I feel your stress Lloyd , mine is 80 percent done and the challenges seem to get more and more difficult. I look forward to seeing gizmo running around , are you going to put a strong arm on gizmo you can manipulate through a computer like you were talking about? Lloyd if you would like some sound deadening Matt to keep your bots gearbox , motors and servos about half as loud (or less if you double layer with this rubber Matt) I can send you a few sheets. I will send you some cooling fans for ezb and your motor controllers as well. Just let me know - Josh


@ jstarne1: Josh, I am so impressed with your kind offer! The people that make up our group here at EZ-Robot are made up of some of the nicest, kindest and most thoughtful individuals I've encountered in a very long time! It is so inspiring when you consider the number of self-centered, and self-serving people in our society. I feel blessed to have encountered everyone of you out there! I am planning on installing two arms on Gizmo.I have several of the servo City gearbox servos I'm going to use. I don't know if you recall, but my interest in robotics is to develop assistive household robots that can aid and assist people such as myself that have some disability, and/or the elderly. I'm sincerely hoping my design of Gizmo will result in a truly useful robot.I would be grateful for anything you might wish to share with me. Please contact me at my personal email ( and I'll send you my mailing address. Thank you so very much, Lloyd


@ROBOTZ i posted hook up in cheap cpu board and ARC file but here it is again

ok hook is IN1 is pwm digital pin,IN2 is DIR digital pin,and EN A IS GND second motor its the same IN4 is PWM digital pin,IN3 is DIR digital pin ,ENB is GND

if you want good control ENA and ENB can be tied together and use a digital to turn if off on over current or a problem or connect to a simple current comparator circuit both protect the chip from a current overload using the digital pin will need a analog input for a current monitor where current comparator doesnt need a digital pin or analog pin,its a 8 pin cheap chip and few resistors,plus a current monitor board on ebay about $4 ARC SETUP need 2 PWM controls ,pwm left set D15 IN CONFIG in pwm right set D17 in cofig then 4 wire motor control, left trig A at D15,LEFT trigB at D16,RIGHT trigA at D17 and right trigB at D18

ON WIRE FROM BOARD IN1 is D15,IN2 is D16,IN4 is D17,IN3 is D18 ARC file is attached PWM-HBRIDGE.EZB