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Kudos On Community Forum

@Dj @Jeremie @alan
Just want to let the EZ-Robot team how much I appreciate the forum and the support from the staff and community

I recently tried to use the DJI drone forum and was amazed on how much better the EZ-Robot forum is to use

Its neat to see on EZ-Robot forum that a person gets >60 replies on a camera mounting & tracking question



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Have you tried using the search engine lately here on the ez forum? Looks like it's now powered by Google.
Wow! You are right... excellent

Thanks Frank! Do you want to grab lunch this Thursday? Maybe you can show me what robots you're building as well?
Sorry, I'm located in the other CA (California). ...

Not a lot of people know this, but I live in San Jose California, Frank. Are you free Thursday for lunch?
@DJ San Jose? If I ever manage to buy my motor home (working on it)... Sue and I are already planning a trip to California... If you are up for it I will buy you lunch... Anyway are you doing the 6 month in the US and 6 month in Canada thing or do you have dual citizenship now?
Yeah - half the year in California. I've been here for quite a while. I leave for Canada to my cabin retreat in July.
@DJ Warning the summer in Ontario has sucked so far this year... Cool and rainy... Hopefully it can be salvaged by July....
Hi DJ,
Thanks for the gracious offer.

Unfortunately, I live in the foothills outside of Sacramento and have to provide care for my wife who is bedridden

I'm afraid that my robots are really nothing special, mainly just some minor changes to Revolution Robots

My grandkids,; 15, 11, 7, & 2 are active EZ-Robot builders mainly focusing on "battle flipper" type bots with 4wd AdventureBot spinoffs

Thanks again for the offer and great products and tools

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wow, what a crazy mad-scientist robot lab you have going on over there! Thanks for sharing the photos!