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Kinect Or Kinect 2.0 With Ezb4 Controller / Inmoov


i am building the InMoov and i am thinking what for is the stupid Kinect ;-)

Has sombody use the Kinect or maybe the Kinect 2.0 to controll over the EZB4 Controller the InMoov? For example the arms and the body, like Gael does with his InMoov with Myrobotlab Software?

Big Question.... ;-)

I mean the InMoov looks not so cool without the Kinect ( mmm big hole) but if the Kinect not work with EZB4....... it will be only Decoration ;-)


PS: I am also try to controll with the MYO Armband - there is no problem


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Another solution would be to use RoboRealm vision processing software which has controls for the Kinect and an interface to link with ARC software.