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Kickstarter Robot Eyes Or Guage

Here is an interesting kickstarter project in the works with sparkfun. Could make great robot eyes or small guage for a robot.


Is based on arduino and would require programming but may look really neat as a battery guage or a set of robot eyes. Has some I/O so could be really powerful as a accessory for ez-b. Ships in July.


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United Kingdom
Looks pretty cool. I didn't read any of it since my eyes are getting far too heavy right now but the images show off quite a bit. I'm sure it would be handy to use with the EZ-B. If funds weren't so tight I may have jumped on that one, maybe once they start shipping it:)

Nice find!
I would definitely support an EZ-B equivalent kickstarter!:) Start designing EZ-Robot Team!:)
Looks cool, I would love to have some kind of display on my ezb
The microview is available for preorder at sparkfun with delivery in October.

If you just want to add a display, there are quite a number that will work. Rich has a tutorial on the forum that can get you started. http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=4761. Basically any display that supports I2C or TTL level serial UART has a shot at working. The microview is built around an arduino which supports the TTL level serial UART for communications. It will need programming to work, but there are lots of arduino libraries to draw from.