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Keyboard Control Not Working Until Config

I really like how DJ has provided so many ways to interact with our robots like VR, Camera and keyboard..did I miss any others?...anyways ,I have found that the Keyboard Script with a letter and command will not work after opening your EZBfile until its "config and save"(without any edits) .Would there be a way to have a Start button to enable it?
Best regards and happy "no5 alive".
I simply assigned the leter F (for FRED) with a SAY(something) saved and pushing the letter works as normal......until the EZBfile is opened again pushing the letter F does NOT work..until its config and save again......Hope that makes it clear


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You must have the keyboard control in FOCUS before you can use the keys. Remember, keys are used all over the software and throughout windows. The keys are only using the assigned commands when the keyboard control is in FOCUS:)
I added something for the next version that changes the color to show you when the control is in focus:)
My most HUMBLE apologies for using your valuable time:( I didnt understand " in focus" but I certainly do now! It must get very tedious refering peoples questions to check the " ? " because the answers are 99 percent there! I do appeciate your patience and did deserve a wack on my sometimes robot head:) .....