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Kann Man Konfigurierte Skills Von Einem File In Ein Anderes File Kopieren?

Kann man konfigurierte Skills von einem File in ein anderes File übernehmen / kopieren? ... oder muss man die Skills immer wieder neu konfigurieren?

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Yes, you can copy configured skills from one file to another. You don't need to configure the skills again and again. You can save your project with the configured skills and then load it into another project.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the project with the configured skills.
  2. Save the project.
  3. Open the new project where you want to copy the skills.
  4. Load the saved project into the new project.

Please note that this will merge the two projects together, so make sure you want all the skills and configurations from the saved project in your new project.

For more information, you can refer to the ARC software documentation in the support section on the Synthiam website.

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Wie kann ich den Skill "RGB-Animation" inklusive allen Aktionen von einem bestehenden Programm in ein neues Programm kopieren?



Vielen Dank. Es funktioniert.