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Just Wondering?

So does anyone know who is buying up all the Omnibot 2000 robots off of Ebay, seems like somebody is buying them all for themselves. There is only one on there now with a price well over $900.00 :-{ Just thought I would ask.
Seems like the Omnibot 2000's are becoming very rare as of lately, I might just have to start snatching them up myself :-}


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Probably DJ... Using them as cheap labour until the China sweatshops can get up and running...:P
@Richard R
I didn't even think of that, EZ-ROBOT using Omnibots in a Canadian sweatshop, we better look into that :-}
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United Kingdom
Omnibots go through phases of being for sale. Sometimes they are expensive others cheap. I have noticed a lot of stability over the last 12 months though with both the 5403 and the 2000 staying around the same price. People may advertise at $900 or whatever but they rarely sell for that.

They are getting rarer though so prices are likely to increase. If you see one cheap grab it. But be aware there are a lot of bad ones out there which will be more hassle than they are worth.
Well I have my Omnibot 2000 robot that I blended with the Robie Sr body. The spare parts I had left over sold very quickly, which didn't amaze me at all. I myself, if I find a crappy robot, I still buy it and salvage the good parts, seems like I can always sale spare parts. Maybe that is what I should do, a RoboSalvage shop, it does seem hard to come by parts.
When I am out about at antique shops and consignment stores and Goodwill stores I do keep my eyes open, best thing to do is get to know the people working there and tell them what you are looking for and they hold things back :-}