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Just Published My First Wheel Tutorial

Hey guys, first one is up! Next, I'm doing one using more advanced tools, mainly a router. This one will probably take me a few days too. Let me know if you think this is useful, or I need to clarify anything. I didn't get to do any action shots because I work by myself while the wife is at school.


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That's a big wheel! What sort of robot are you building that will need a wheel that big?
Well dude, I am 48, with degenerative disk disease and advanced osteoarthritis in both hips. I want a brute that can haul stuff around for me and pull a trailer. Heck, I may even set it up for a snow blade. On my next tutorial I will be building an even bigger wheel, because I decided 10 inches isn't large enough. The next technique I will be building a 14 inch wheel. In the future I will also be showing how to put treads on them like a regular tire. That won't be for a while yet though, because I have too many chores to catch up on. lol That honey-do list never gets smaller!
Great tutorial - thanks for contributing. Looking foreword to seeing more:)

there are many individuals suffering from disabilities building ezrobots. It's enlightening! Everyone wants to build a robot to either keep their mind sharp or assist with their disability. Stories like that touch my heart!