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Junkyard Warrior

The picture of stuff was accumalated at a local small junkyard for 12$! This is what the Forum does to me!:) Now I am looking for suggestions on what to do with the Hasbro Dino. Someone just threw it out onto "the scrapheap of history" and he still roars and neck sways from side to side! (batteries inc).....There is precious little room for servos but barely room for an EZB. Any ideas on adding servos , much appreciated. The RC car has yet to be tested, but the remote is included!


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Well, lets see.... What does a dino do? Kill, eat, stomp around, wave it's little arms and poop. EZ-B and servos must be able to at least make him poop.


Dave! Great suggestion lol! A trail of cookie crumbs?:) This small size tyrannohack will require nano rex ology! Where to put the servos?....I ve got the solution! Have one leg pinned to a rock/box which hides the EZ-B and servos! Dave you have inspired me!:)