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Love the effect. How would you control the Teensy via the EZB v4
The teensy could be controlled with serial commands thru a UART. It has several uarts that could be used. Just need to hook one of the EZ-B UART TX lines to one of the RX lines on the Teensy and connect a ground line between the Teensy and EZ-B and the rest is programming. I did something similar a while back with two Microviews. I would send the Microviews an L for look left, an R for look Right, a U for look up, etc. It worked quite well. you would need to modify the teensy code to set up the serial link and process the serial commands. The EZ-B code is simpler since it is just a matter of sending the commands.
Great find. I have a project for this.
@ fxrtst Is it a Halloween project?
No, it's not, but that's a good idea too!