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Jd Webserver

Can I set the IP address of the webserver in my JD? My wireless network is, and I'd like my JD to be on that subnet.



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I think the original poster may not be understanding what a webserver is. The webserver runs on your PC - so it in turn, has the IP address of your computer. If your computer changes the IP address, so does the web server's IP address. You can find out more about what a web server is with Wikipedia:

The IP Address of JD is not the same as the web server - they are two different things. A web server is not a robot, it is a program that serves web pages. The program runs on your PC. The JD is a robot, and is not your PC. The two are separate - I hope that makes sense.:)


Thank you. I must have done something wrong as it would not connect to my WIFI network.

From the video, I now know it should.

I'll try again. If it connects, it is exactly what I wanted to do.



Dear DJ:

Thanks for the clarification. I think if I can get it to connect to my WIFI network, I can connect to the internet and communicate with the robot at the same time.

My robot was a gift from my daughter Samantha Frick.

Thanks for a great product. It is the first time I have ever worked with a robot.

Richard Frick


@richfrick... Yes, that is "client" mode, which is the preferred connection mode of the ezb... I know we keep pushing the tutorials, but they will show you how to put the ezb in client mode where you can connect to the internet as well as the ezb simultaneously...


Say hi to Sam for me!

You might need to call her in for support. She's one of the ezrobot experts. And she's been around since the beginning!

If you are having trouble connecting to your local web server, it might be because the port is in use - or a virus scanner/firewall is blocking it. Are there any messages in the debug window when you activate the web server?


Not sure why DJ is confusing the subject line when the body of your question was obvious that you are trying to get JD into client mode and not having an issue with ARC's web page feature.

When configuring JD, keep in mind that both the SSID and passphrase are case sensitive.

If your router is an 802.11ac, be sure to enable 802.11n mode and give JD the SSID if the "n" or 2.4ghz network. It will talk 802.11n or g, but not ac (5.2ghz).

If you aren't sure or not sure how, post the make and model of the router and I'll look up instructions and give plain English instructions for you.



Ah, I see Web Server - thinking he is using the http server control - and what he's asking is the Client mode, gotcha!

As for Sam Frick, I just realized I was confusing the wrong Sam as well. Must have been have been really confused that day. The Sam i'm thinking of is Sam Foy, who has been around for ever. She made one of my favorite robots, a minion

So yes, Sam Frick! Say hello to Sam Frick for me:) Now that I have come to my senses today...

As for the different Wifi modes on the EZ-B, this link will help:

And if you need to reset it, this will help:

Those can both be found in the LEARN section of the website:)