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Jd Walking

I am proud new owner of a JD (thanks Steve G for helping me find a UK supplier). I have build and calibrated him without issue the tutorials are great.

I have impressed the kids and frighted the cat with the built in scripts particularly impressed with "standing up from sitting" and Summersault

To get to the point I'm trying to figure out a way to get JD to walk in a straight line. The only built in sensor is the camera, struggling to work out how to use it as some sort of "way point" using colour blocks ?

Would it be simpler to obtain the 4 in 1 and use the compass ?

Just looking for a few ideas to point me and JD in the right direction ?


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Awesome - welcome to the community! Sounds like you're having a blast:D

That is an issue plaguing humanoid robots - walking in a straight line. If you watch the robot soccer or other robot humanoid games, the robots walk for a few seconds, stop, look around, turn, walk forward, stop, rinse, repeat. This is because even with a compass, the magnets in the motors and electromagnetic emission affects the compass readings.

So, the best thing you can do to help the robot walk straighter is to ensure the servo fine tune profile is the best that it can be. For example, my JD that i use around the office can walk pretty straight for about 4 feet before needing to be realigned.

Get the best servo fine tune that you can. Then consider tweaking the walking frames in the auto position.

Now the fun begins for you:D Warning, it's addicting!