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Jd Threw His Foot Back - Now His Knee Is Gradually Moving Without Any Commands

Hi All, Very new to building robots. Currently using JD to bring a conversational chatbot to life. Kudos on the videos for assembly very easy to follow. I think I may need to calibrate JD's right knee. I think the wifi may have been interrupted and he threw his right foot back bringing him crashing onto the table. Since then I have to re-fine tune his right knee to get him to stand properly. Once he is standing the servo gradually drifts and tips him backwards. Does this sound like I need to take all the wires off and calibrate his right knee? TIA confused


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Actually, it sounds like the pot inside the servo is bad. I bet you need a new servo.


You got it, Dave. Your poor Jd has an unhappy servo. Use the Contact Us to speak with someone to help you.

United Kingdom

Oh no that's a shame. Will use the contact us. Many thanks for your help