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Jd Robot Ankle Calibration

The ankles are a little off when set at 90 degrees. How do I manually calibrate the ankle servos? The foot is tilted slightly and it's not balancing properly. Calibrating this servo is not in tutorial.


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Hi Glenn, I recommend completing the JD course from the learn section. There is a video that explains what to expect for the learn section - and each tutorial in each course is step by steps, so it's easy to follow and shouldn't take longer than an hour to get up and running.

Here is the LEARN section for courses, with a link to the JD course:

Here is a direct link to the JD course from that previous link:

Now, i don't want you to skip ahead because there's parts you seem to have missed. But the tutorial that you're asking about has videos, images and details which is in the JD course here:

It's fun to complete the lessons in the course. As the video introduction in the learn section explains, we put our heart and soul into the step by step lessons for each robot. Super easy to follow with videos as well! Enjoy:)

PS, i removed requiring assistance status on this post. You can access the LEARN section any time by pressing the LEARN menu option from the top of this website, or in any of the emails, or when the software loads, from the included instruction booklet in the package, or when creating a new post.

Enjoy JD! He's my favorite:D