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Jd On The Moon

NASA was nice enough to share with us a photo of JD and Neil Armstrong together which was part of our rigorous testing back in our early prototyping stages.

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...and that wouldn't have been Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11... Lunar module pilot Al Bean had a colour camera on Apollo 12, but her accidently pointed it at the sun and burned it out... no colour pics until Apollo 14+... Yes, I am a big Space nerd too...:D
All questions can be directed to NASA, we only gathered data from the tests we asked them to perform. ;)
...LOL... at least JD could have be waving the Canadian flag... :P
We sent JD with a EZ-Robot flag but they said due to weight restrictions they would have to leave it behind. :(
I think Roli would have been better suited for the lunar surface.... ;)
Ya but I already had a good rendering of JD:P
United Kingdom
@Richard, who do you think took the photo? Roli can't take a photo and be in it too;)
I just read the back and fourth banter and laughed. Yes JD on the moon is good enough but everyone always wants more !
This has been a longer development cycle than I thought..
Not very many people know this, JD was actually a special guest on the TV show Community as well :). With his lightning fast reflexes he won the nose game which determined who had to take care of Pierce.

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Hahahahahaha. Play Simon says against a robot and get your a $$ kicked
this humanoid goes in space

and here are stars

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