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Jd Independent Interaction

Hi, Can you have direct interaction with JD without computer or other third-party app? Can you have a free interaction as audio conversation and video interaction talking directly to JD robot microphones?

Can JD independently walk around and directly interact with people?

Rgs, Bogdan


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I guess you're new to robotics... JD can do anything you want him to do (depending on the scope of your programming abilities)... All you need to do is learn how to program him to do it... That however would be your responsibility to learn how to do it... We can help, but ultimately you will need to do the work yourself to learn...

To simply answer your first question... JD and the ezb4 in general will always need a PC or mobile device at all times.... This is why the ezb4 is so powerful... it's because a computer is running it...

Good luck and ask away... but I recommend learning to walk first before you programming your JD to take over the world:)


as I understand, JD requires permanent computer/mobile connectivity to ezb4, so it's not having independent interaction with the world yet.


and let's say wireless connectivity with ezb4 for processing the commands via internet would be ok, but can you speak directly with JD via his microphones? Is JD also having collision sensors or so for independent walk? I haven't found anywhere what sensors JD has by default incorporated in the standard model for sale.


The ezb4 does not have a microphone (yet)... Rumors suggest ezrobot are working on a microphone for the ezb4 as we speak... ... Currently you speak to the ezb4 via the mic on your laptop ot PC...


@xtbogdan remember too you can control JD or any of the other Revolution robots with your Android or iPhone mobile device. Please visit the Learn page to learn about JD.