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Jd Humanoid Robot Sldasm

I want to simulate the JD humanoid Robot on Solidworks or any other similar simulator on computer. Have anyone try to do it before and have a assembled file ? I am trying to make the JD robot climb on a stair and I would like to simulate it on computer first.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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The beauty of the ARC Auto Position control is that you can simulate in the physical realm just as fast as you can in the software. My thought is that you won't save any time doing a software simulation.

Something that software simulation can't do, at this moment in time, is simulating the time between frames of movement. In ARC you can adjust the length of a frame, and increase/decrease the transitional speed of the frames within an action. These timing values are very important when do precise movements, such as climbing stairs.

My advice is to do some trial and error testing with JD physically, it will likely be just as fast as software simulation.


The thing is that I haven't had the JD humanoid robot yet cause I have to order it from oversea. So before I rushing to buy, it I want to make sure that the model of this robot can satisfy the motion ( climbing) that I make.



I'm not familiar with solidwords (the licence cost is prohibitive for non professionals).
If you have one and you are proficient, you can download the JD's stl files: and create a model.

Although you can animate and test the JD's joints, you will need other values e.g. mass, collision values per component/axis and a simulator tool.

simulator tools:

  1. Gazebo
    Open source, Linux only

There is a learning curve, and only makes sense if your really serious regarding simulators and robotic engineering.

  1. V-REP Commercial license and Educational/Non commercial usage.

Climb a stair/obstacle is not an easy task, you will need to adjust JD to your needs.

3d printable hip addition here:



Thanks for helping but I am not understand about the hip addition. Why do I need it and do you have a picture of JD with that hip addition ? Much appreciate



Check this video : (Nao climbing stairs)

like i said before climbing is not an easy task, you will need to create complex gaits keeping the equilibrium you may need or not extra joints.


@ptp thanks a lot. It is everything I need