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Jd- How Entertaining

So last night, I headed over to Brookstone and picked up a JD, couldn't resist the low price ya know, awesome! Followed the lessons, got the battery charged, and got him up and running in no time. He's got some nice dance moved there. What got me though was when you first activate him (after the calibration of course) is how all the servos suddenly snap to attention. He is a bit of a jumper. Ran one of the first dance sequences, and at one point kinda leaped off the table, landed hard too (one of the ankle servos now buzz alot) and one of the actions, the "headstand" I believe, he mostly moves around like he's a drowning swimmer than actually standing on his head. All the other pre-programmed moves are pretty awesome though. Was amazed at all the pre-programmed actions that were created to make all these moves. I bet that took a painfully long time to create. I want to use JD as a platform to help with programming the arms on my CY, my larger robot. I think the store still has one of those six legged guys left so the next one to get. He now stands proudly next to my Wall-E. kudos DJ!


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Thanks @Robohappy!

Funny enough, most of the pre-programmed actions (minus JD's walk) were all created on the fly by us guys at ezrobot using ARC's auto-position control. It usually took us about 5-15 minutes to create a new action. I mean some actions didn't make the cut and others did need a bit of tweaking but all-in-all it was a very fast process due to the power of the ARC software!

As for the drowning swimmer "headstand" I'd try making sure JD's neck is fully locked into place and secondly that all his servos are fine tuned as close to 90 degrees as you can. (The neck servo will be an important one)

JD servo Fine Tune Tutorial


Thanks Jeremie, Yeah, I did the fine tune tutorial, no problems there. Just found it funny how JD was acting for that one movement, even looked like he was banging his head against the ground but no damage. I was looking thru some of the actions, which are alot!, so I bet it was fun trying to keep track of some of them at times, especially if someone was working in the wee hours of the morning.:D