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Jd Camera Questions

I have a JD with a camera disabled message, can you please help? It was working I have checked IP and all is fine. LED's are active and working. Camera device on startup flashed green, red blue light on the board. Camera will not activate and the error shown is:

Camera Initialized: EZB:// @ 320x240 EZ-B v4 Camera Error: System.Exception: Client disconnected at EZ_B.EZBv4Video.EsPaV1Ku7X(Int32 , Object ) Camera Disabled

I hope you can help.

Janine Stone stress

Camera Device


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No. I have been through these links before and found nothing to assist.


Hi Justin, Yes, the JD is connected and will perform actions when called, though it will not take a photo and camera message says it's disabled. I have been through all the settings and it seems fine. There is power to the camera and the small LED's on the camera unit flash when it is turned on. I think it's a faulty camera.


Are you connect dirctly with JD in his own WLAN or are you connected with your Router and JD is connected with the router? When you are connected with a router, the cam has another ip. You must scan this. push the WLAN icon to the right of the IP.


I'm connected with the robots own wifi. If I switch out another robot head the camera is fine so the settings are okay.

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Hi Janine.

Other than trying to re-seat the camera cable to make sure both ends are properly connected, there is a related forum thread that I have linked to below, which relates to your camera not connecting problem, and may be of help. The fact you have a flashing LED after it cycles up, does sound like a faulty camera.


Hi Steve, I already tried re-seating the camera. The small led on the camera board flashes 3 colours when power is turned on so there is power to the board.

I checked the link and have been through the steps mentioned and now am sure the camera is defective. Many thanks for you help and time.

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No problem. The 3 colour colour cycle is normal camera start up procedure but you should then have a steady blue light after that. Use the Contact Us link and see if you can get a warranty replacement.

Good luck.


The camera is being replaced. Many thanks for help given. Janine