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Asked — Edited

Isn't There A Command For Telling A Joke?

I thought there was a command for telling a joke in ARC scripting.

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RSS also provides thousands of other "feeds" as well...news weather etc. With a little VR you might ask for the current news :).........OR EZ B info...(no joke!):)
United Kingdom
Yep, RSS is an awesome feature to have in EZ-Script. It adds the ability to read a lot of things from news to weather, blogs and forums (including EZ-Robot forums). You could add in some fun commands like "What is Rich listening to" and using the LastFM RSS feed at http://ws.audioscrobbler.com/1.0/user/DemonicSpaceman/recenttracks.rss your script would know.
Or "What's on Rich's mind" and using Twitter's feed RSS at https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.rss?screen_name=RichPyke you'd know (well you wouldn't since I rarely use twitter).
Or "What's going on on EZ-Robot forums" and the RSS at http://www.ez-robot.com/feed/ you would know.
You get the idea though.

Pretty much anything with an RSS feed (which is pretty much anything these days) can be used. All it takes is a little change in the joke example.