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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Is The SDK No Longer Supported?

Hi all,

I've not been online since the site split. Is the SDK no longer supported? I can't find documentation for it anywhere. I'm a little sad if that's the case because I bought my EZ dev kit on the basis of using the SDK to write my own code. I'd rather not use the ARC / ARC / Write plugins.

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#1   — Edited
I think you’re referring to the old ezrovot sdk? That was something ezrobot provided for their hardware a number of years ago. I believe they only use Synthiam’s ARC now. But, they do have a data sheet for the communication protocol. You can write all your code against that. Find that info on their website. 

the site didn’t split. Ezrobot was sold and I started a new company, Synthiam. The new company focuses on software for robotics. Ezrobot is a customer with supported hardware of Synthiam’s software. Much like other robot hardware products that you can find in the getting started section on this website. Click getting started from the top menu of this website. 

If you have a computer running an operating system made by a different company than the computer’s manufacturer - it’s the same thing. If your computer is made by Asus, you’re probably running Microsoft Windows. And, inside windows, you’re probably running a software application made by someone else.  Just like that:)
ah I see. 

Good luck with the new company DJ.