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Is Twitter Broken?

Good Afternoon!

I am trying to send remote commands contained in a tweet.

I have configured ez-bulider/options/twitter/account settings and obtained account confirmation and got "result successfully configured" Then ez-builder/project/add//misc/twitter recognition. I have added the twitter username both with and without the @. After a few moments I get the error message

"Polling error: RSS error fetching feed: System, Exception: Error fetching http requests: The remote server returned an error: (410)...."

many thanks Paul

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I'll take a look for you:) Stay tuned!

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that's great. Thank you, DJ.


I once had a problem with the twitter recognition and solved it by using this page which converts the twitter feed into an RSS feed...give it a try!:)



Thanks Mickey! I'll take a look and see if that can be implemented to the Twitter Recognition control

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Thank you, Mickey.

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Oh, superb! Thanks once again for your help, DJ and Mickey.

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