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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Is There A Way To Adjust The Top Menus

On my monitor , it covers about a fifth of the screen and wastes a lot of space. It also covers the top of the windows so I cannot move them down. It is pretty, but I personally would like it smaller so I can get some work done. it gets frustrating to me.

Just need to know if there is a way out of this.



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United Kingdom
The only way I can see is if you increase your screen's resolution, this will reduce the size of everything too though.
Putting in full screen mode shaves off a bit more from the top and putting in advanced view will remove borders from controls.

The ribbon is needed, without it you can't add controls, you can't open or save projects, etc.
What we need is a way for that window to be smaller or disappear like the taskbar. Please put that on D.J.'s list for consideration. It would really help, I think.

Thank you for the response.