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Is It Too Soon In The Ez-Robot History To Talk About Retail Franchises?

DJ, what sort of support opportunities would be available from EZ-Robot for individuals interested in opening a retail outlet exclusively for EZ-Robot products?



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(as opposed to value-added partners)


Did you know Brookstone was gearing up to have all their stores carry EZ-Robot kits and some parts? Probably by August.


Had for sure seen the Brookstone announcement. I'm thinking more about a small retail store that sells, repairs, and provides training for everything in the EZ-Robots product line.



There are independent resellers, but they have other products as well. The closest to what you are describing I think is Tom Caine

If you use the Contact Us link and explain your intent, I am sure EZ-B would allow you to purchase bulk orders wholesale. I doubt they would want "ownership" in it at this stage. (Also, have you talked to them about bulk order or educational discount for your room full of JD heads? I am sure they will give you a deal.



Thanks for the tips, Alan. After I have fleshed out the details of a business plan, I will for sure use the Contact Us link to talk bulk orders and educational discounts.

At this point in planning, I have in mind a store location about a mile from the largest high school in the county, and about a half mile from the largest middle school. My son will be joining me in this business venture, and I see the retail side of the business covering some of the fixed costs of my project development using the JD heads.

Isn't this a great time to be a product developer?



Just curious, where are you located? (I do wish the location field in people's profiles was more than just country).