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Is It Possible To Use The Command Prompt To Mute The Microphone On Win8.1 Withou

I'm try to find out if it's possible to use a command text in EZB to mute the mic on win8.1 so far on the internet people are saying no, you can not use a command line to mute the mic on win8.1 am was hoping to be able to use EZB's SR to have it mute the mic, I know this would not allow me to use Voice command once muted. I can then use a script to un-mute the mic if this is possible.



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ControlCommand("Speech Recognition", PauseOn)

ControlCommand("Speech Recognition", PauseOff)

is this what you're looking for ?


Hey PTP, i just sent you an email. sorry no, this I know how to do, i was hoping to send the command to win8.1 to mute the mic. I don't think it is possible as I've spent about an hour searching the web with no luck. Thank you though.



I believe there is a windows API method for that.

I'll check it tomorrow, and i let you know.