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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Is It Possible To Reboot The Ezb 4 With Software

It seems that the EZB uses conflicting IP addresses. I need to change it to another IP. Or something.

I need to change to Client Mode and I have the EZB 4 installed in the robot already. Lots of work to get in there and reset it.

Hopefully, this will be an option. I have my VNC setup on the same IP address. And, I cannot use both at once. I use my VNC to startup my notebook.

Hope my question is clear.



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Thank You very much. I figured it out.
Mel, be careful with your brand spanking new V4.... I am worried that you're going to mess it up like one of your V3 boards... Take you time and think carefully before connecting things, changing IPs, plugging in power etc...
Thank You, Richard for your concern. I will try to take it slowly.