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Is Blockly Coming To Script Manager?

Just thought I would put out a open question about this. I can't seem to find a way to use Blockly in the script manager control.
1st off I would like to give my appreciation out to DJ and anyone else developing this software. I recently got back into this after the SIX I purchased when it 1st came out has sat dormant for so long. This past Christmas I was sitting with my 6 year old watching his cartoons with him got an idea for some robots to DIY with him. Looked at the old six and decided yank the board from him and upgrade him to the new wifi module and picked up a IOTiny for the projects.
Told my kid it was going to be a project that takes a very long time (in kid time)
Well for a little over a month we have been into programming stage and he's loving the Blockly and creating his own mobile interface.
Our next step is to start organizing scripts to save redoing all the work every time we try something new and I would like to use the script manager to do this.
In ControlCommand() you can use a single script control which you can create with Blockly, but it looks like this can't be done in the script manager.
If I'm wrong, please correct me, if I'm not please consider adding it to a later version.
Again hats off to software a kid can pick up and create and have fun with.
He's already asking for a camera for his birthday next month and thinking of ways to use the tracking.


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