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Iron Man Suit (Josh S )

@Josh This animatronic suit looks very cool! Perhaps it might give you some ideas, though I know you have your own! I would appreciate a comment/critique! Will your be similar etc. Of course anyone else 's comments welcome too:)

Iron Man animatronic suit

Hey thanks for the link irobot, i have seen a couple of the mods. I am trying to talk my other two friends into adding some motorization but they are very skiddish. Like trying to give a cat a bath lol. I'm doing hulkbuster which in history didn't have a bunch of gadgets popping out. The head didn't even turn! Right now I'm focusing on getting plenty of lighting worked out by printing certain pieces in clear PLA so they can light up with leds. Then I will need to fashion eyes that glow and grand hands that move. I might use servos for that. I would also like it if the head or mask was motorized to flip up.