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Ir Autonomous Home Base

have 2 ir recievers from my wall-e project. Looking to make a cheap/nearly free home base ir reciever.

User-inserted image

Could they be hacked up to work with the ez-b and my laptop(and extention cables from my laptop)?

Could anyone point me towards a post similar to this?


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THAT a very common IR receiver ,the panasonic PNA4602A is not used any more

THE TSOP4840 is a replacement,now to use it ,its not easy

first you need a IR TRANSMITTER and it ,second on the receiver side TSOP4840 there are 3 wires red 5 volts ,gnd and white output,IT HAS LIKE A SERIAL OUTPUT or PWM ,depending on the input

On output you need something to read PWM output or a circuit like the sharp IR sensor that reads distance to analog output

I am getting ready to work on a design using that type of receiver,its kinda hard
Reason is that so far EZB doesnt read pwm values,thinking it might use the same pins at the sonar
called ECHO ,but DJ hasent made any script to read the values

TAKE a look at the pololu beacon circuit it uses that receiver and it talks about how it works

I am electronic engineer,so desiging circuit super easy for me
what about "sharp collition". it reads values doesnt it?
Here is a diagram from the Rentron site: I have not tried hooking it to the EZ-B.

The Receiver Circuit:
Receiving data from Fire-Stick II is quick & painless. The only component necessary to receive data is a
single infrared detector module. With the lens of the (PNA4602M) Panasonic infrared detector facing you -
the left pin is the data output pin. Connect this pin directly to any free I/O-pin you have available on the
receiving Stamp, PIC or other microcontroller.
The center pin connects to power supply ground. The remaining pin on the right side connects to +5 volts
DC. Do not exceed 5 volts supply for the detector module circuit.
User-inserted image
Thanks REX i see RICH answer my post on my idea
On the driver circuit you need to know the right pwm and pulse for it to work
Also using only 2 IR receivers and 2 IR transcievers ,will work just not as good as 4 of then doing a 360 deg

Using 2 only gives you about -45 and + 45 deg ,to guide the robot you need a 3rd to have it go straight or 4 is even better
HERE is a site i use alot for very good info on docking logic ,finding home base and charging
it alot of different ideas

docking logic

there are over 50 pages just to let you know,i did print all of it about 5 years ago

When i was really into the finding home base designs and testing all types


IT talks about why the omnicone is so very important for docking

on the POLOLU IR BEACON is the same as a omnicone
her is my post a i did while back on the POLOLU IR BEACON design

finding home base with IR
HERE is the IR transmitter you need to go with your IR receiver you have
TSOL7200 high power IR DIODE


ANY other help on this i can do,since i designs these types
ON the firestick ITS NOT needed you dont need serial communcation for docking ,you need PWM output,same for sonars and same used in IR sensors for distance,only the convert PWM to ANALOG

ON YOUR design or same as the one i am making , the EZB can read the PWM value to control the servo's for docking

only differnce my circuit is that it does 360 deg soyou get a better docking hook up

YOUR will work as long notthing in the path of IR beams and close to the home base

I know my info is very technical ,but i try to put in lawmans terms as it called for others to understand
i have found the BV4615 IR reciever control in i2c.
How this works will be able to help i think.
YOU would need 2 of then at least at $25 each including shipping
couldnt we tweak the coding in it to acomodate serial instead of i2c
YES,but cheapest way way to go is ,just use the IR transceiver you first posted hook up to digital port and read the PWM value only cost you about $0,both designs will need a IR TRANSCEIVER TSAL7200 AT $.80 EACH ,so your total cost would be about $2.00
TRY to understand serial is for communcation ,not for beacon used for Ir Autonomous Home Base
yea just wrapping my head around things.
So read pwm values from the receiver.
and just give the tranciever power?(doesnt require serial connection)
going to need to drive the transceiver with a pwm value and i will need a transistor

here is info on SET PWM for transceiver
and info on GET PWM on receiver

EZ b script manual

now on PWM value for transceiver i need to test the value on the POLOLU IR beacon beacon board

if you look at the circuit you can see the simple drive circuit that is needed
I dont think that board will work,that is a serial board made for communication,not for sending beacon signals
ok ill try to find a tranciever that could work like that.