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Ip Cam?

is it possible to use instead of the single-cam an IP wireless webcam? Has anyone ever tested this?

Thanks Sven


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yes,i use a foscam ip cam on my robot there is a post on it just do a search or i will look when i have time. You need to use something like webcam7 to make it work(that is what i am using)
Thank you, thats very good, i have 4 Foscam IP Cams at my home, than can i buy a fifth Cam for my Omnibot. Please give me the Post.

Thank you, thats very nice
do you see cam live on webcam 7 or webcam xp ? if yes leave open, open ez / camera refresh device list then you should see you camera in list my cam is listed as IPCamera[JPEG/MJPEG]

let me know if worked,if not i will try on my other computer that does not have ez or webcam on it mad try to make video
Hello Pitcom, i have a Foscam IP Cam, i see the Picture in Webcam7 and open in ARC JPEG/MJPEG, the Picture are withe, its the same with my Spech regocnition it dont works.
ok, got it to work on my other computer,after webcam xp saw camera (x) out closed but was still on taskbar then opened ez and picked the cam and it worked
hope this helps
Hello Tom, thank you for your Help, but it dont work in ARC, in Skype works fine. The Failure is in ARC.