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Iot Customization


Did anyone customized the wifi/IoT firmware ?

can someone share some experiences or feasible ideas ?


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All I have done is use it to update the firmare and permanently change the AP mode SSID so far. The flashing process was pretty easy, although the pins don't fit tight, so you need to hold the connector while flashing to make sure it doesn't lose connection.




That can be useful for hardcode setups.

One question is the "EZ-B Firmware Update.exe" used to update the EZB v4 IoT or the Cortex ?

I read somewhere the IoT controller does not allow over the air updates, if the info is wrong that means, it's possible to update the IoT without a PIC KIT.

Do you know if the current EZB4's firmware can be upgraded to the new version 4 1/2, if yes the upgrade can only be done via PIC KIT or via over the air.


The firmware updates the wifi, not the v4. It does not make it into a 4.1/2. That requires a replacement WiFi chip. It makes older v4s thw same as thise shipping today, most importantly it fixes an issue with DHCP staying on in client mode that can cause issues with other v4s or other devices on the network.

The current v4 WiFi can bot be updated over the air. Not sure about the v4 processor. There have been no updates to it.

I have it on good authority that the v4. 1/2 wifi will be over the air updatable.



re-reading your last post, I realize I may not have answered all of your questions, or there may still be outstanding ones. So for clarification.

The reason the V4.1/2 is 1/2 and not .1 or .2 is because only half the device is being updated, specifically the communication board. In fact, DJ has said they will be selling conversion kits so that you can replace the top board on a v4 to make it a v4.1/2. The bottom half of the board remains unchanged. (there will also be an add-on that can plug into the camera port to allow control via USB instead of WiFi for systems with embedded computers).

With the latest versions of ARC, there are now 2 firmware updater EXE's . One for the V3 boards, and one for the V4.x/2 boards. It is not clear if that is just for pushing updates to the top half of the board or will actually allow firmware updates for the processor as well. DJ will certainly tell us when it is ready for use.



i didn't understand, probably i'm calling names to different things.

EZB4 has 2 mcs: 1-PIC/Wifi/IOT & 2-ARM

the "EZ-B Firmware Update.exe" (i never run) asks for the IP so i'm assuming is updating something over the air, so the question is what mc firmware is updating ?

regarding the DHCP fix is for the EZB4 ? is the upgrade via PIC KIT ? is there away to know if my firmware needs the fix ?



forget my last post, you made more clear:) let me read your last post


regarding the DHCP fix, I'm using the client mode so it makes sense to upgrade the EZB4 ?

Do you know the the v4 firmware numbers/versions affected ?

I presume the last firmware is the one inside the IOT package ?


If you are having issues with device's on your network not having Internet connection if started after your v4, or if you have multiple v4s, then you should do the update.

I am not sure which version number the problem was fixed in. It was some time ago, so if you purchased recently directly from EZ-Robot you probably have a version where it is fixed.

This evening or tomorrow I can post a version known to have the issue (because I haven't updated the one in my Roli yet because I want to label all the servo cables before taking it apart. I extended the arm length and added a super white LED and a laser, so I am using every digital port) and the latest version number. You can see the version by connecting to the EZ-B's web server.

Yes, the latest version is in the IoT package.


The earliest EZ-B's don't show a version number on the web page.

Version that still has the DHCP bug show version EZ-WiFi v0.3 on the lower left side of the web page menu.

Version that definitely does not have the bug (and is loaded if you flash from the EZ-IOT archive) shows EZ-WiFi v2015.10.31.00

I don't know if there is an intermediate version where the problem is fixed or not.



Thanks Alan,

mine does not show any version on the web page.

I'm going to grab a PIC KIT to update to the last fw plus i can try to customize the HTTP server.