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Ios And Android Control

Why cant we do this EZ-B or is it even possible with android and IOS. I have using Livecode.com for some time and it seems like some one with more experience should be able to program and EZ-Robot interface using Hypercard like software and then Export it out all of the platforms in (mobile) using java.
IOS control for Arduino


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You can now - and will be able to with our iPhone app that's coming:)

Like arduino, you'd currently need to buy that shield and create your own iPhone app. No one wants to do that - because it's a lot of work. So leave it to us
New Zealand
Yea.... same question... Android?
There will be support for both... How much support is the question. Most likely very limited functionality. They sure aren't powerful enough to run an ARC
for example, for my project I only need a library, and I think that everyone need only some function.. like go forward, reverse, turn left right, see the camera, and maybe some scripts...
New Zealand
Anyhow but you need the voice.recognition.. unless @DJSures manages to use the android live voice recognition.... but this is no where near as good.

Support will be limited and I accept that.
me too... I accept that, but in think that a library for android will be amazing:)
woah, i like the idea of ez-openbot, but how to compile it for my android tablet?