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Io Tiny Ip Connection Questions

I have the IoTiny board, my bluetooth connection is good, but when I try (Yes, I've tried all the com ports as well) the connection fails and times out.

When I perform a search, it's looking for EZ-B4, not sure if that's helping.

Any advice?

Also, is there a more in-depth manual then what the website provides?

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Sorry to bother you again, I went to the site to add the IoTiny to my network, and I entered my wifi info into the Wifi Ap (which is not the right way) I can't access it now to reset it and put the info into the proper location (Wifi Client) any suggestions?


There is a reset button on the IoTiny - press it. The button has the word "reset" next to it.


@dchailler The iOTiny behaves pretty much exactly like an ezb4 x/2.... It's bascally an ezb4 with a few less goodies... As @DJ mentioned reset it and try again and follow the tutorials if need be... I guess you have already found out that like the EZB4 the iOTiny uses wifi not bluetooth...