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Invalid Boolean Script Error

Hey guys. I don't want to give away my current project so I wont say much other than the code and my problem.

In the following script I get this error:



6:07:26 PM - Error on line 13: String was not recognized as a valid Boolean.

This is the script. No idea what is causing it, other than perhaps there is too many phrases.



#This is the Control script. Theta's functions all
#are started by this script. It must be running to
#allow Theta to operate. Kill this script to slowly
#stop Theta.

$returngreeting = 0
$reply = "error"

$spoken = Waitforspeech( 120, "hello Theta", "good morning Theta", "good afternoon Theta", "good evening Theta", "good night Theta", "hey Theta", "Theta", "bye Theta", "see you later Theta")
#Error is on next line
if ( $spoken = "hello Theta" OR "hey Theta" OR "Theta" )
ControlCommand("Script Manager AI", ScriptStart, "Greeting" )
$spoken = "error"
Elseif ( $spoken = "good night Theta" OR "bye Theta" OR "see you later Theta" )
ControlCommand("Script Manager AI", ScriptStart, "Leaving")
$spoken = "error"
Elseif ( $spoken = "timeout" )
saywait("I missed that")
$spoken = "error"

$timeout = $timeout + 1
if ( $timeout = 120)
ControlCommand("Script Manager AI", ScriptStart, "Leaving")



Thanks for the help. I'm sure its a simple mistake.

AI Support Bot
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if ( $spoken = "hello Theta" OR "hey Theta" OR "Theta" )

You're not comparing anything to anything. You're just saying OR and a value. That's like if i just asked you if RED? Hey Maze, red? Hey, blue?

blue? hot? cold?


You have to actually compare the value to something...


if ( $spoken = "hello Theta" OR $spoken = "hey Theta" OR $spoken = "Theta" )
Oh, okay! I see. Thanks DJ. I just did it in a similar way to the waitforspeech command. I guess its not the same!