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Introducing Amos

Hi everyone. Quick introduction, I am Peter Anderson and this is my Inmoov Robot Amos. I recently purchased an Ezbv4 and camera for Amos and have spent the weekend playing. I would just like to say congratulations to EzRobot for an outstanding system! I was struggling with my robot lab and getting more and more frustrated until I spied Bob Houstons YouTube clip and discovered your products....awesome, I have made more progress in two days than in many months.
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I also run a 3D Printing business A&A 3D Printing, and am happy to help with printing problems if I can. These are some of the printers.
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Awesome to see another inMoov guy using ez robot... Bob and his videos inspired me to make my own inMoov (actually 2 of them). I am waiting patently for some new but long in coming ez robot products so I can do a major update of my inMoov ... I really like your colour scheme as well... keep us posted on your progress...

Those Zortrax printers rock. I have UPs myself but I would love to get a Zortrax one day....
Those machines awesome. What a cool idea to have a single head that handles dis-solvable support and build material in one go. Love to see how that system works. A bit pricey, but great size for building large parts!

Great project as well!