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Hi, my name is John and I'm new to the world of robotics. I do have basic programming knowledge. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to build and program my own robot. When I discovered Ez-robot, I knew my dream could become reality. This project will be my first and I'm sure it won't be my last:) After doing a lot of research I finally made the decision to go for a JD, however I still have some questions. I want to order a JD with additional ultrasonic distance sensor, 4in 1 sensor, 3 lever servo's, an extension cube and an extra battery. The servo's and battery are just spare parts for now and the sensors I'd like to have because of the functionality. My plan is to learn the basics first and in the future I might want to upgrade the JD by buying additional parts. Am I missing anything, or is this a good starting kit?

Also, I want the order to ship to the Netherlands. Where will it be shipped from, and am I required to pay import duties? Does anybody here have any experience with shipments to the Netherlands? The reason why I wanted to order directly from EZ-robot is because the nearest Retailers in Belgium and Germany either don't provide or don't have the 4-in-1 sensor in Stock

Kind regards, John


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Sounds like a good start to me... All shipping is from China and maybe someone who is in your neck of the woods could chime in and perhaps give you an idea on shipping/duties and taxes?....


Although there are no Netherlands re-sellers, you might be able to avoid import duties by buying from one of the retailers in the EU. See (some don't stock the full selection or robots and parts though, so you'll need to do some research).



JD will make a great starting robot. But if you find that he is difficult to work with, simply take him apart and build something else. Being a humanoid robot, you might encounter a few balance issues but it's very unlikely.


Thanks guys for your helping me out here. Another reason I chose for the JD is because of the community. You guys are great!

Had contact with a retailer in Belgium, said he could provide me with what I needed except for the 4-in1 sensor. So I guess I'll go with that for now, and wait until he has the sensors in stock.


Hey @akidnamedjohn - welcome!

The 4-in-1 sensor is still in the pre-order stage so no reseller will have it with the exception of brookstone. We made 1 batch of 4-in-1's that shipped to a couple resellers and some customers. We're now re-engineer it from the ground up and are nearing the end of the prototype stage for the second revision of it. Even if you ordered it direct from EZ-Robot the 4-in-1 wouldn't ship for a while.

As for duties and taxes - since all shipments originate from China and we don't collect duties and taxes during the checkout process, the shipping provider (DHL) would collect them upon delivery of the product. I'm not positive what the rates are in the Netherlands, you'd have to check with your local customs office.

Hope that answers your questions!